Peer-Reviewed Publications

Trams on Hong Kong's Johnston Road, late 1940s.
Trams on Johnston Road in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district, late 1940s.

I have published peer-reviewed journal articles in Twentieth-Century ChinaThe Journal of Historical Sociology, The International History Review, and The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch. I also recently published a chapter in a new anthology from the University of Hawai’i Press entitled  Pacific America: Histories of Transoceanic Crossings. I am the author of numerous digital history pieces published with platforms such as the University of Exeter’s Centre for Imperial and Global History and I was also a primary contributor for The Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, published in early 2012 by HKU Press.

1. “The Imperial and Transpacific Origins of Chinese Capitalism,” The Journal of Historical Sociology 33.1 (March 2020): 134-148.  

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2. “Rethinking the Origins of China’s Reform Era: Hong Kong and the 1970s Revival of Sino-US Trade,” Twentieth-Century China 43.1 (Jan. 2018): 67-88.

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3. “‘A Haven for Tortured Souls’: Hong Kong in the Vietnam War,” The International History Review 37.3 (June 2015): 565-581. 

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4. “Pop Gingle’s Cold War,” in Lon Kurashige, ed., Pacific America: Histories of Transoceanic Crossings (Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, 2017).

E. F.
E. F. “Pop” Gingle outside his eponymous restaurant, Life Magazine, July 7, 1949.=

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5. “The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Imperial Preference Reborn?” The Centre for Imperial and Global History at the University of Exeter’s Imperial & Global Forum, July 13, 2015. 

Banner Promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Office of the US Trade Representative,
Banner Promoting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Office of the US Trade Representative,

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6. Christopher Munn and May Holdsworth, eds., The Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2012.

I researched and wrote fifteen of the biographic entries for this groundbreaking project. To learn more about this publication, please click here.