Anonymous Court Painter,《乾隆是一是二图》(“Qianlong: Is it One or Two?”), Palace Museum, Beijing.

I guide students to adopt a transnational historical perspective and to approach all nations and empires as evolving human constructions.

My expertise in Chinese international history encompasses modern China, the history of Sino-US relations, transpacific migration, the history of Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities, and the history of global capitalism. Through my research, I seek to challenge the geographic silos around Chinese history and I encourage students to see a succession of overlapping empires and nation-states that we label in English as “China.” In so doing, I always seek to incorporate the peoples and experiences of Tibet, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and overseas communities.

Pedagogically, I am committed to writing innovative syllabi, fostering immersive and supportive classrooms, and improving students’ writing through extensive feedback and opportunities for revision. I believe that sharp writing is the most important skill that the humanities can provide, so I require students to write constantly, from online posts to multi-draft essays.

Areas of Teaching Expertise: Modern Chinese history; Sino-US relations; transpacific migration; global capitalism; and Hong Kong.

Courses Taught: I am currently the Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese History at Trinity College Dublin. The courses that I am teaching or co-teaching at Trinity include:

“Modern Chinese History”

“The History of Capitalism”

“Empires and Migrations in the Pacific World” 

“Global Hong Kong”

“Imperialism to Globalism: Europe and the World, 1860-1970”

Shopping Street Hankow 1911-1912
“Shopping street decorated with Republican flags,” probably Hankow, 1911-1912. Stanley Wyatt-Smith Collection, University of Bristol—Historical Photographs of China, #WS01-157. Available: https://www.hpcbristol.net/.

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